I love my bed!

Like most parents there are two things in life that I love but are often mutually exclusive; my child and my sleep.

I also love my  bed, not just because it represents being home after you’ve been away,  but because it is so damn comfy.

I’ll confess that I’m a bit (a lot) of a natural fibres snob.  Ever since I retired my patchwork quilts and took up with duvets again, it has to be a down duvet and feather pillows (four) and wherever possible the sheets are 100% cotton – not that fancy high weave count Egyptian cotton nonsense – but second hand ones from a time when second hand was second hand not vintage or up-cycled or re-loved.  Nope 100% cotton flat sheets that came with institutional name tags on them from long closed schools or hospitals.

So when The Fine Bedding Company offered me my choice of pillows I was a little bit sceptical as to if their hollow fibre pillows could come up to my plumpy feather pillow standard – I mean, who doesn’t love a pillow you have to box into shape every night – stress relief after a long day and then comfortable zzzz’s all night!

I plumped (see what I did there?) for the Soft & Squidgy Partner Pillow because I’m a fronty-sidey sleeper.  It is my new favourite cosy thing in the house.  I had thought that after a while it could migrate to the spare room because when my dad comes to stay he complains that the feather pillow in there is too hard, he’s even been known to bring his own pillow.  Funny fella.  But no, sorry dad, this pillow is staying on my bed.  It is just so lovely and comfy and soft and doesn’t go clumpy and doesn’t need beating back into shape before I go to sleep.

I will always love my feather pillows because they can be smooshed into exactly the right position for when you want to sit up and read,  but my new true pillow love is my soft and squidgy one.

top tips for a good nights sleep

If you’re struggling to get your full quota of zzz’s each night, here are my top tips for a good night’s sleep…

  1. Put the cat out. No really, they’re cute and all but if they’re going to wake you at 3am by nibbling your nose and insisting that you need to get up to let them out / feed them tis no good! Alternatively fit a cat flap. Whichever. Or just make your bed a pet free zone, no nibbled noses and no fursome sneezes. (this might only really apply to me)
  2. No TV! Bedrooms are for sleeping and lazy mornings and intimate moments. I don’t need to be sharing those with Suzanna Reid in the morning or Jeremy Paxman in the evening.  Make your time before sleep screen free.
  3. AND THAT INCLUDES MOBILES! Yes I do check my messages last thing at night – it is so silly of me. Turn the damn thing off you don’t need to see what someone is having for lunch in a different timezone from you. (this is true lots of the time not just at bed time)
  4. Clear the clutter.  I know you used to hate it when your mum told you to tidy your room but she had a point.  A clutter free room is just so much nicer to sleep in.
  5. Early to bed – I’ve found the later I get to bed the worse I sleep, it seems my optimum bedtime is 10ish.

Sleep well poppets!

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