Ed Sheeran impersonates my cat

My cat, Hector Achilles Stripey Cat Puska, or Hector for short, or Hectorious, Hec or Smoochy Cat or…well you get the idea… has a celebrity look a like.

I often post pics of Hector doing usual Hector stuff – sleeping, looking grumpy, sniffing stuff – on Instagram and use the tag #hectorsays. ¬†Yes, I know you might think that the internet has enough cat pictures, though I’d question if that were actually possible, but it amuses me and keeps me out of trouble for a few moments.

Anyoldway, what has always made me chuckle is that as well as the pictures of Hector on the #hectorsays tag there are also a couple of non-feline dudes on there too. And I’ve always thought that one of them actually looks rather a lot like Hectorious Puss himself. Today curiousity got the better of me, don’t know what took it so long, and I clicked onto the picture of this chap and apparently my cat has a famous look-a-likey in Ed Sheeran. No, you are quite right I am not down with the kids and am in no way cool or plugged into pop culture.

hector cat ed sheeran lookalike


This is what Hector Cat had to say…

ed sheeran impersonates my cat

What do you think? I’m right aren’t I? Ed Sheeran is impersonating my cat!

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