The blogger squee

Tonight I did the blogger squee.

I was at an evening to celebrate friendship within my group of friends.  Some folk I knew and some I didnt.

There was a lady I got talking to, which I have to say even before we’d been introduced I thought “she looks interesting” after a short conversation in which interestingness (What? that’s a real word!) was established the party shifted and moved on.

Later I sought the interesting lady out and I had the opportunity to put 2 and gazillion together and shout;

“Wait! You’re Evidence Based Teeth and Tits!!!!!!!”

To which everyone else went “………………errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………………”

which means they are not bloggers.

Because bloggers you know what I mean, when you meet  a blogger you think is fantastic then all social norms are swept aside and you do the Blogger Squee.

It isn’t objectification, though it is a tad stalkerish and so the two of us talked blogging, sex education, left wing  politics and more – which is pretty much spot on for my idea of  great night out.

If you’d like to share my squee and I reccommend that you do, then head over to Evidence Based Teeth and Tits.

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