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De-cluttering – don’t believe the hype!

I’m trying to de-clutter, because de-cluttering my house is a VERY IMPORTANT THING THE INTERNET TELLS ME I MUST DO. Today I was staring at a pile of crap that I don’t use, nor barely want but seem incapable of actually getting out of my house, a thought struck me: I can’t do it all. […]

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captains bed with trundle and storage

I thought I’d found the perfect bed for my daughter – until she started sleepwalking

For a while now I’ve been planning on replacing my daughter’s mid-sleeper with a high-sleeper, the idea being to replace her makeshift desk and her chest of drawers with built in workspace and storage in the bed. Getting rid of her old furniture would create space for the darling kidney shaped dressing table that I’ve […]

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white blossom blue sky

Rights and responsibilities

I’ve been being all grown up recently and thinking about making a will so that my daughter is provided for should I fall foul of a fatal lawn-mowing accident or some such bad fortune. As a part of the process I needed to know what my daughter’s father’s legal standing was should I die. The […]

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Post race face

Swimming through mud – my first obstacle course race

Yes I said “my first”, yes that suggests there will be more. On Sunday 22nd March I spent an hour and 45 minutes squelching 5 kilometres through thigh deep mud, swimming through liquid mud under barbed wire, carrying a log up a hill and back down again, clambering over hay bales, log piles and giant wooden hurdles. […]

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chocolates and flowers

Chocolates and flowers

It might seem a cliche but chocolates and flowers are still a good way to show someone that you care about them or are thinking about them. The only exception to this rule is apology chocolates and flowers. Send me flowers for my birthday, yes please! Send me flowers for my birthday because you cancelled […]

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post run sweaty betty selfie

The Gallery ~ Health and Fitness

It has been a while since I took part in The Gallery weekly thingumy so here are some pictures and some words about health and fitness…. So I took up running. I know, I used to scoff and chortle and say things like; “You ran 10 miles, didn’t the bus stop for you?” And now […]

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pile of money

Maintenance – why it matters

Maintenance: it isn’t just about the money, it is what the money means. I want to be clear that my daughter’s father pays maintenance, it isn’t a huge amount, it would be nice if it were more. It isn’t paid regularly, it is paid when he has it, but it is paid. I’m not reliant […]

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The cough bone’s connected to the wee bone – the joys of stress incontinence

Ahh pelvic floor exercises, remember those? You were told that if, during your pregnancy,  you clenched and unclenched these magic muscles that once you’d popped your poppet out (according to your lavender oil scented birth plan) then all would remain well in your nethers, stress incontinence would be kept at bay and you’d waft through […]

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Christmas tree gift box printable

A photo posted by Ruth Douglas (@impideas) on Dec 12, 2014 at 6:33am PST   This year I made lots of sweets and biscuits as Christmas gifts and wanted to have a fun way to package them without resorting to jam jars – especially for those that I was sending by post.There are so many […]

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Friendship is weird isn’t it? It shouldn’t be, it should be simple; spending time with and on the people that make you feel good, being available for those people when they are in trouble, accepting them for who they are – even when you don’t agree with them – and receiving the same acceptance back. […]

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